Telepresence World and MNS Announce Distributor Agreement


Australian Cisco Partner TelepresenceWorld to provide resellers and their clients with a global footprint for HD video conferencing to arbitrary destinations OSLO, NORWAY and ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA – June 20, 2011: Media Network Services (MNS) and TelepresenceWorld today announced TelepresenceWorld to become a distributor of MNS’ Global Video Conferencing Network Service.

TelepresenceWorld, a Cisco ATP Advanced Partner, and provider of video conferencing solutions, will with MNS enable their resellers across Australia to provide video conferencing solutions with network-out-of-the box supplied by MNS. Resellers get the immediate benefit of faster deployments as video endpoints only need to be connected to the Internet and clients get the benefit of a maximized HD video conference experience to arbitrary destinations worldwide (internally, externally and B2B).

“We are very excited about the opportunity to provide our resellers and their clients a global network service that not only will enhance the experienced video quality compared to the average video call, but that also will extend the reach of HD video conferencing to B2B and arbitrary destinations while using Internet as last mile”, says Rod Louey-Gung, Managing Director of TelepresenceWorld Network.

“We are honored to have TelepresenceWorld become a distributor of MNS and believe our network-out-the-box will speed up the sales and deployment process for TelepresenceWorld's resellers and provide them with the competitive edge of guaranteeing their clients a maximized HD experience when calling customers, partners, vendors and suppliers anywhere in the world. After all, the experienced video quality is only as good as the network, and our commitment to take full ownership of the network quality between arbitrary video conferencing endpoints addresses this challenge”, says Hans Fredrik Johansen, CEO of MNS.

MNS’ Global Network is dedicated to video conferencing, combining the reach of Internet with a carrier grade network. MNS’ Global Network is provisioned by multiple international carriers in a meshed network topology offering full redundancy and has 50+ Points of Presence around the world with peering arrangements with most local ISPs.


- Daniel Kukiel, CTO of TPWorld, +61 8 82742800

- Kjell Oksendal, CMO of MNS, +47 91845414

About Media Network Services (MNS)

MNS provides a global network service optimized and dedicated to video conferencing traffic. The service is network, equipment, vendor, reseller and service partner agnostic, connecting all the various islands in the video conferencing industry. The result is that the industry as a whole can enable clients to reach arbitrary destinations worldwide (internally, externally and B2B) in HD quality previously only delivered on closed dedicated MPLS networks. MNS provides its global network service through resellers on all continents. Contact your video conferencing service partner or network provider to get your video conferencing equipment and infrastructure connected to MNS.


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