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"Why Video is The New Way of Working"
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How Does It Work?


Innovative organisations are experiencing the transformational impact of faster decision making, stronger working relationships, cost control, better work/life balance and improved productivity delivered by high quality and high definition TelePresence.

Now, with TelepresenceWorld MediaNet Gateway, growing businesses can leverage the power of TelePresence and video collaboration easily and affordably. With subscription based service calling plans MediaNet allows you to get started with business grade telepresence communications today.

With MediaNet Gateway ease of deployment and affordability come together in subscription plans and services designed to fuel a growing businesses and their collaboration needs.

From $99  a month (ex GST) you can be up and running in minutes.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Reduce travel expenses and enhance productivity: Travel-free face-to-face collaboration with everyone, everywhere.
  • Scale knowledge: Access to the experts, without leaving your desk. Amplify executive presence and find more ways for remote expertise to collaborate with teams throughout the organization – and with customers and partners.
  • Stay connected: More efficient communication no matter where you are located – including remote offices, on the road, partner or customer locations.
  • Expand relationships and build teams: Telepresence allows you to get in-front of your customers, suppliers and employees worldwide more often to build stronger working relationships and trust
  • Transform business processes: Faster decision making accelerates time to market, driving competitive advantage, new collaboration models and bottom line impact.

Whether you need to get your entire team together or collaborate one on one, MediaNet Gateway is a simple subscription based service that can help you get started and connect you effortlessly face-to-face with your entire video community.