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An audio-visual or conferencing solution is not about hardware or communications pipes alone. It is more about people, and the way we interact with each other. Whether this interaction is face to face, over a telephone, or over a video conferencing link, the basic forms of communications do not change.

In a face-to-face encounter we are placed in an environment. It could be in a conference room, a busy shopping centre, or a corridor. The physical attributes of this meeting environment dictate some of the limiting factors - is it too noisy so that we have to raise our voice to be heard? Does the lighting provide me with the ability to see your face?

The development of the meeting space for a video conference encompasses these environmental aspects and more.

Through our partnerships we have all the specialised skills to ensure your meeting place provides the best and most appropriate environment for your conference.

Audio-visual consultancy specialising in video collaboration, meeting and learning environments